I am a software developer, varia member, radio DJ and (digital) hoarder. My practice consists of situational software and amateur electronic engineering. Currently this revolves around topics of computational frugality, divisions of (non)meticulous labour and the practicality ignored within the politics of repairability.

You can find me here:

Online I use one the following pseudonyms:


Irregular online radio experiments

(currently offline)


Counterstike map of the Varia building in Gouwstraat, Rotterdam

As a varia member, I am involved in both the digital infrastructures group and the physical space group.

Modding Fridays

Mediawiki logo of moddingfridays, pixel art of a EPROM chip

Modding Fridays is an online community of people interested to learn together about the maintenance, repurposing, and reappropriation of supposedly obsolete consumer electronics, for fun and profit. We see our interest as part of a broader conversation on post-digital culture, permacomputing and repair culture.


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The Martian ‎– Journey To The Martian Polar Cap

Filed under tracks that have fake icy wind sounds in the intro & best techno


DJ Funk - Run (UK Extended Mix)

A lot can be said about this being the least DJ funk-like DJ funk track but I don't think I will ever get tired of this track.

calm socials tonight 19:30 to 21:30 at @varia

If you're in drop by.

Tonight some of us will swap some CSS tips and tricks.

But you are welcome to share any code related material, have chat about your latest builds or frustrations. Or just put on your headphones and write some more .

Get off on it! -Erik Travis (Mini mix2)

Classic Erik Travis to get my day started

@sofia :unacceptable: :unacceptable: :unacceptable: :unacceptable: :unacceptable: :unacceptable: :unacceptable: :unacceptable: :unacceptable: is back

Beautiful Sunday mornings for some for some 🇺🇦 Dungeon rap meets Memphis

TIL the difference between using the return statement and omitting the semicolon in Rust.


🔮 🎃 👻 :unwanted_skull:
Spooky season, currently working on a new Halloween Mix.

The opening theme to George A. Romero's 'Day Of the Dead'. Music written and Composed by John Harrison

Sampled in:
DJ Smokey - Texas

Posatronix - Night Vision. 🤖
This is a good Sunday evening detroit jit and techno classic.

open this video and press 2 on your keyboard in a steady rhythm that you enjoy.

will we do again?
and which OS will you install this October?
Or maybe write your own?
Just a fresh debian is always an option too.

Due to syntactical ambiguities on the command line, there is no way to implement fully variadic arguments.

- "click documentation, 2014"

DJ Squeeky - Don't Make a Move

It's tracks like this, why I have about 9000 Memphis Rap mp3s on various harddrives and usb sticks.

Computor Rockers - Computor Interface (USB 2.0) [BREAKIN RECORDS]

Old-school Linndrum Miami Bass Style Electro

Thinking about joining a 30 minute old school electro mix contest.

But what is ?

Aux 88 - How Lo Can You Go

Cursed Wit Dat Hex
from Apoc Krysis : Volume One

great tape cover too.

Plaintext logbots


by Ilse Garnier

There is now a Gopher server running on monospace-dreams (our plaintext experimental server)! Try to connect with gopher:// on port 70. There is not so much there yet, but it's exciting to see how it works.